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Monroe Community College Rochester Custom Furniture Upholstery
Dentist Chair Repair Green
Snyder Upholstery Blue Chiropractic Table
Dentist Chair Repair Green Reupholstery

Medical Offices & Hospitals

We clean and restore examination tables, dentist chairs, stools and other medical furniture to keep it from getting worn out while using the latest advanced equipment, products, and repair processes in the industry. Our contract Vinyls are engineered to be Durable, stain resistant, easy to clean, fire-retardant and antimicrobial.

  • Medical Office
  • Medical Equipment
  • Examination Tables
  • Therapist Office
  • Office Interior
  • Retirement Homes
  • Living Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Ambulance
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Dentist Chairs
  • Upholstery Restoration & Repair


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Professional Experience

Our professional team has decades of combined experience. Our upholsters are recognized as the best, most trusted technicians in Rochester and surrounding areas.

We only use the best quality materials, vinyl, and upholstery fabrics. We offer a range of services including embroidery and high quality stitching craftsmanship.